Commerical Renovations

Commerical Renovations in Nanaimo BC.

Starke contracting has a drive and passion for commercial building and repairs. A qualified team ensures efficiency and quality. Our experience in dealing with building envelope and remediation is second to none. We have the ability and flexibility to ensure your happiness with any or all of our services.

About Our Process

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Our Commerical Services

Interior | Exterior Renovations

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Project Management

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Our Projects

Folk Life Village

Barrons Villa


Here are the answers to the most common questions our customers have. If you don’t see it here. Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Insurances Should A Contractor Have.

When you are choosing a contractor for your project. It is very important to make sure your contractor has all of the appropriate insurances. Starke Contracting has liability insurance, Wcb coverage and is licensed through the City of Nanaimo.

What Is A Cost Plus Contract?

We have found that using a cost plus approach to certain jobs, like renovations, work well for everyone involved. A cost plus approach is where the contractor will take the project on in an hourly rate as well as adding an agreed percentage on the subtrades and materials used in your project. Generally a rough budget is created for the client to aid with this approach.

Will My Project Require A Permit.

No matter what your project is, this is a great question to ask. Cosmetic upgrades generally don’t require a permit, but it is very job specific. Any time you are creating living space, changing the structure of your home or making alterations that effect the structure you will require a permit. We have the team and experience to minimize the stress that this can bring. We have a knowledgeable subtrades and employees to take your project from design to permit to finish.

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